vegan makeup

Let’s not go around the bush and put it out there: even though everybody seems to be thrilled these days about the makeup free appearance, we all like to use it just a little bit, every now and then, for a bit more confidence or something like that.

Thank God, we’re not in the era of lead-based makeup and we do have so much healthier options to use for our makeup.

The more you know about our planet, the more we get to use from it and enjoy all the healthy choice that it gives us.

Get your mind around this fact: your skin absorbs up to 60% of the products you apply to so it’s a bit concerning when you realize that most of the products are synthetic, processed and containing lots of preservatives, toxins and other chemicals. So, if you care about what you’re eating, why not care for your makeup products just as well?

Sure, we do all know the skeptical that wonder about the efficiency of the vegan products and worry about the higher prices. There’s no point into getting into that. Simply scroll down to get the better view though.

Why use vegan makeup?

There are many reasons for us to like the vegan makeup and if you’re reading this, it means you’re already thinking about letting go the traditional type.

Why use vegan makeup

  1. No animal ingredients

Vegan beauty products don’t include any animal ingredients, animal by-products nor animal-derived products.

It’s ordinary for the beauty products to include some animal ingredients (beeswax, lanolin, carmine, uric acid from cows). Note to self: lanoline is the grease from sheep’s wool, whereas carmine is a red color from crushed cochineal insects. Without the animal ingredients, vegan products aren’t that harmful for your skin, especially if you’re the sensitive or condition-prone type of skin. Keep in mind that animal ingredients may clog your pores and be harsh on your skin, which is why vegan products are a softer option.

  1. The natural healing agents

The plant-derived ingredients from many vegan beauty products include more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are strong enough to repair and hydrate your skin. Aren’t you feeling a lot healthier when eating foods in their natural state? Well, the same principle applies here. It’s only a matter of time until you get to notice how your skin thrives off being fed natural, vegan ingredients.

The list of natural ingredients is impressive and it includes: vitamin A, C and E, natural oils (coconut, rosehip, argan), hemp seed extracts, algae, soybean extracts, and so many other ingredients. All of them are a healthier option and even more effective since they’re closer to their natural state.

Keep in mind that “natural” and “organic” isn’t the same thing and doesn’t make a beauty product vegan either.

  1. Not that harmful

As the beauty, products are absorbed directly by the skin, straight into your blood stream, you may realize on you own how this becomes a problem in time when using non-vegan beauty products. It’s only a matter of time until the absorption of the non-vegan ingredients brings out the negative side effects.

This is why your body is going to appreciate a lot more vegan makeup as it’s not that harmful for the skin even after long time use.

  1. The good price

Gone are the days when the vegan products were expensive. Veganism has become very popular in time and in beauty department as well and you may find good products for very good prices. You may even may be surprised to find them cheaper than the high-end makeup products. There are plenty of options 100% vegan out there with some wallet-friendly prices as well.

  1. Lighter on your face

You don’t have to worry about a thick layer covering your face, adding the feel of extra weight when using a vegan makeup. Minerals are small particles that adhere nice and easy to your skin. The makeup doesn’t melt anymore and you even forget about it, that’s how lightweight it feels. A vegan makeup doesn’t settle into your wrinkles either so you look younger when wearing one J

  1. The quality

We also like the vegan makeup because it doesn’t dry your skin as if a common makeup would do. It doesn’t clog your pores and all the synthetic ingredients from conventional makeup are non-existing in a vegan makeup product.

This doesn’t make the vegan products less resistant and they still don’t allow bacteria to grow, presenting a pretty long shelf life.

The fair conclusion

There are many reasons for you to go vegan, apart from the cruelty issues or other moral matters. As long as you care about your body and what you’re eating, why not care about it all the way and what you put on it?