Get Maximum Eye Protection with Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

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July 1, 2018

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, investing in a good pair of sunglasses is very important for you if you don’t want your vision affected by the scorching rays of sun. However, there is one reason why many people avoid using sunglasses: their ability to obscure your vision. The lack of clarity in your vision can often be a problem, especially while driving or doing outdoor activities. Nonetheless, there is a better option that not only provides you with protection, but also offers you better clarity of vision: buying polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses are built to provide protection against the horizontal glare of sun rays while ensuring UV protection. Since the glare is largely responsible for the lack of clarity, a pair of polarized sunglasses – by reflecting this glare – provides clearer and crisp vision. However, you should always remember to buy a good pair of polarized glasses from a trustable provider if you really want it to work the right way, even if it costs slightly more.

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

When it comes to quality eye wear, Ray Ban Sunglasses has become THE trustworthy brand to go for. In addition to offering unmatched, 100% quality products, it also features stylish and fashionable designs, Ray Ban is one of the most popular choices for eye wear products among a large number of people. Whether you are looking for optical glasses or high-quality sun glasses, Ray Ban can offer you the best of all.

If you are looking to buy polarized sunglasses that can offer you maximum protection against UV rays and the glare of the sun, you should definitely consider buying Ray Ban polarized sunglasses. The polarized lenses used by Ray Ban for their sunglasses are one of the highest-quality polarized lenses that are offered by reputable eyewear brands. They are also highly durable and offer maximum impact protection to ensure that the lenses don’t get scratched any time soon. Moreover, all the sunglasses by Ray Ban offer 100% UV protection.

These aside, Ray Ban lenses are assembled with smart engineering technologies, focusing on seven key elements that are required to protect the eye. The lenses offer lamination on both sides of the filters in order to provide protection against sun rays of different wavelengths and the glare. A shatter-resistant cushion is also added to the lenses on both the sides, making them highly durable, lightweight, flexible and safe. In addition, the sunglasses feature high-quality polycarbonate lenses that absorb energy while keeping your eyes safe. Finally, a scratch-proof surface is added to ensure the lenses’ long-lasting performance.

Buying the Right Ray Ban Sunglasses

One of the biggest issues you would face when buying Ray Ban polarized sunglasses is the availability of fakes in the market. You can find a lot of sunglasses looking like famous models of Ray Ban sunglasses, such as Wayfarer and Aviator, but they offer poor quality when it comes to the types of lenses used. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you are actually getting what you are paying for. Here are some things you can check when buying your glasses to make sure that they are the real deal:

Original Ray Ban sunglasses contain a logo on the lens, and for polarized glasses a P is also added to the logo. The key point is to check whether the logo is finely etched into the lens since that is what original Ray Bans have. On the other hand, fake glasses usually have a stick-on or a poorly embossed logo that can be a clear giveaway.

The next thing to check is the model number found on the inside of temple tips. You should always get the original model number of the glasses you are buying from Ray Ban’s official website for reference.

Look for the RB signature on the nose pad. This is one thing that is most commonly missed by the fakes, so you should definitely look for it.

Once you have bought the best pair of polarized Ray Ban sunglasses (after making sure that they’re authentic!), you can be completely sure that your eyes will always be protected from harmful sun rays in the best possible way.