Wi-Fi or Wired Security Camera? Which Type Is the Best for You?

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November 5, 2018
Wi-Fi vs Wired Security Camera

Even though there are so many home security cameras out there, at the end of the day there are two main categories to choose from: the Wi-Fi cameras and the wired surveillance systems that include several cameras and a DVR-like box.

Both types come with ups and downs so here’s a detailed look on both. This way, it’s going to be easier for you to choose.

Reliability vs. easy installation

The main benefit of hard-wired camera system is its reliability, as opposed to Wi-Fi cams. Even if the Wi-Fi cams use wireless connection which is dependable most of the time, the video may still freeze, lag or glitch any now and then. In addition, the farther you install the Wi-Fi camera from the router, the more problems you should expect in terms of quality of the image and so on.

Wi-Fi or Wired Security Camera

In the case of wired cameras though, the video maintains the quality and the risk for glitches or lags is minor.

On the other hand, most Wi-Fi cameras as very easy to install. You only need to set your camera, plug it in and connect it to the Wi-Fi. In the case of wired camera systems, you need to get the screws for installation, continue with running the wires through the walls and attic, connecting them to the DVR box.

Easier to use and…more expensive for the full features

We’re talking about the Wi-Fi cameras that typically come with a simple interface that is user-friendly and ensures easy setup as well. Most Wi-Fi cameras are designed for the average customer, hence the easiness of use.

On the other hand, the wired camera systems are far from being user-friendly. They’re not very difficult to use, but they may come with features that an average customer may not know about. The user interface is a bit more sophisticated in the case of wired cameras. There are many settings that you can customize in the case of wired cameras (brightness, saturation, contrast and so on) and Wi-Fi cameras sure come on second place on that.

Even if you can get Wi-Fi cams with subscription-free experience, many of them do come with a monthly fee that is going to give you access to all of the features. Wired camera systems don’t need a monthly or yearly subscription. You can get 24/7 recording and you may view your past recordings any time you want as they’re all stored on a box at home.

Most Wi-Fi cams are budget friendly, but the wired systems come with plenty of cameras right from the start. You’re going to pay less for adding another camera to your wired camera system. at the end of the day, installing a multi-camera wired surveillance system is still going to be cheaper than a Wi-Fi one, simply because you’re not going to have to pay a monthly fee for keeping the system running.

The tricky part comes when you consider the limitations of the drive. Most wired cameras are going to store your videos for a 1 week or two. On the other hand, you can store your videos from your Wi-Fi cams for even 1 month.

How much do you care for your privacy?

Installing your Wi-Fi cams and connect them to the internet is mandatory. You simply cannot do it otherwise.

Wireless IP Cameras

In the case of wired camera systems, you don’t need to connect them to the internet. You may operate them from a network and you don’t even need access to outside world. This is going to keep the risk for hacking to minimal, for sure.

The downside comes from the reality that you’re not going to be able to see the camera video feed when you’re away on a trip. So, it’s you to decide which you value more: the privacy or the easy access at all time.

Wi-Fi cameras do use the bandwidth

Wi-Fi cameras need the network and the internet connection in order to record a video and to help you see that video when you’re not at home. Therefore, Wi-Fi cams are going to influence on your network’s bandwidth and the internet data use.

In the case of wired systems, the video recordings are going to get to your DVR. The system is going to use the bandwidth only when pulling up the live video feed from a distance.

wi-fi camera easy to operate

What’s the final take?

the easy installation and the user-friendly interface are the main advantages of Wi-Fi cams. Easy to operate, the Wi-Fi cams are a great choice for the beginners. If you’re also renting, not running wires through the walls is also a big plus. Put some money aside for paying the monthly fee, nevertheless.