What Is a Texturizer and What Does it Do for Black Hair

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August 29, 2017

Texturizer for black hair

Deciding to straighten your curls isn’t just a matter of style, but it also has its benefits for your time and schedule. After all, it’s way easier to style and put your hair in a ponytail than trying to fix your stubborn curls when in a hurry for work.

Even though some may say that in order for a texturizer to actually work on your hair it has to contain some form of chemical ingredients, it’s not quite impossible to find healthier choices that also include natural ingredients that aren’t that harmful for your hair.

For the black hair is quite a challenge though to get a texturizer that actually works. It has to have a chemical formula that is powerful enough to straighten your natural curly, kinky or coily hair.

A texturizer sits in the middle as it sustains your curly hair, but also breaks down the natural curl pattern.

Whether it’s a texturizer or a relaxer, you don’t want to leave it too much on your hair. You want the texturizer to loosen, soften your curls and not actually straighten your hair (this is a job for a hair relaxer).

Going through the basics

No matter how long the list of natural ingredients of your texturizer is, it’s still a hair product that has to include sodium or calcium hydroxide in order to work. There’s no such thing as a non-chemical texturizer (not that we know of, anyway).

Some say that a texturizer isn’t as damaging as a relaxer, but that’s not necessarily true. Even though a texturizer leaves the nice appearance of your curls, this doesn’t make it any less harmful. It’s all related to the time you leave it on your hair. A texturizer gets results in 10 minutes (typically), whereas a relaxer needs more than that (up to 20 minutes).

Therefore, if you skip the time and leave the texturizer for more than 10 minutes, you end up with a damaged, over processed hair. In addition, this is just as bad as you would use a relaxer more than you should.

If you want straight hair, always go for a relaxer. If you only want to put your curls under a bit of control, don’t hesitate to use a texturizer.

Don’t forget also that, even though you may feel your hair nicely textured and wavy, from the second you applied the texturizer, there’s nothing natural on your hair anymore. It’s only the appearance that is natural, but not that texture.

Sure enough, we’re not talking about a complete transformation like in the case of a relaxer. The treatment is permanent in that case and your hair loses its natural state for good. You only go back by growing it out or cutting it.

To use or not to use a texturizer on black hair

There are many reasons for using a texturizer, and loosen your curl pattern may be the most important one. It’s easier for you to handle and style your curls afterwards, especially if your curls are quite kinky.

We like using the texturizer, as it doesn’t completely change the texture of hair, nor the volume of hair. Not like a relaxer does, anyway.

It’s also easy to take care of a texturized hair: you just wash and go. If you’re the “proud owner” of some 4C curls, this is a great win already. Even more, you may style your recently texturized hair in so many ways. You can style it as you did with your natural hair, but it doesn’t take you that long anymore and it’s not that difficult anymore either.

Texturizing your hair minimizes also the risk for shrinkage when in contact with water, which is a typical problem for the afro-textured hair.

As for the reasons for which you shouldn’t use a texturizer, we should start with the big warning: a texturizer isn’t natural so it’s not a choice for anyone going green all the way.

A texturizer has permanent results on your natural hair so you can’t go back unless you grow it out or cut it. keep in mind that a texturizer also weakens your hair so if your hair is very fine, you may want to give it a second thought.

From what we’ve seen, the texturizer works better on shorter, and not on longer hair. The appearance is more even for shorter curls as longer ones don’t turn out as well.

How you apply, the texturizer is essential and there’s always the risk of ending up with uneven hair with some parts straight, other more loosened. Either you go to a hair stylist or take small steps; you do need experience to get the best results.

The conclusion

As it’s a chemical treatment that breaks down some of the protein of your hair, it’s essential to keep your strands strong after using a texturizer.

Get a texturizer that helps your hair keep moisture and always apply right the texturizer.

A texturizer works only on the curls you have and doesn’t give you curls if you have wavy or straight hair naturally.

Take time and check the market, as there are so many great options for the black hair out there. You just need to check with your hair stylist and get together to the best option for you.

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